Client Testimonials

Clients often tell me about the amazing changes they’ve experienced after a session - changes in their thoughts and emotions, changes in how they handle situations at work or in relationships, improvements in or even disappearance of physical symptoms, and changes in their finances, and experiences out in the world. I can't possibly relate them all, but here are a few of their real-life success stories.


If you've had an amazing experience during or after your sessions with me, please share it - Your story may help someone else decide to let a transformational energy healing session change their life for the better!


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"Dear Cathy, I am so grateful to you for your help today!  The depth of understanding you have is incredible!  I am feeling better already, and know that it is a process that will continue, over time.  Thank you so much!  Love, Nancy" - NM


"Hi Cathy,  Thanks for checking in.  The couple days after the session I felt a bit physically sick, it was like I could feel my cells rearranging, and it made me feel a bit unwell.  I definitely feel more at peace, way less angry (I felt like anger was my baseline emotion), and my sons are different too, a little bit nicer and definitely noticeable.  Not that they were un-nice, but the tension below the surface is gone.  I feel better about my job too although nothing has outwardly changed.  I've also started compulsively cleaning out old stuff and decluttering, I always want to but can never seem to find the energy, and I have a very risky second mortgage that I'm in the process of getting out of, but it felt so overwhelming I hadn't dealt with it in weeks, but now it's imperative I get it done.  So long story short, I feel like I'm finally letting go of the past, and cleaning up my present, physically and emotionally.  I really feel like I've turned a huge corner, and it's such a relief, I've felt stuck for so long.  I'm so grateful for you and having this available to me, there are no words.   Much love,"  - DR


"I feel great! Happy to the point of being ecstatic, yet calm, and more "open".

The day of our session I went to the grocery store. I have been thinking that people are just not very friendly any more and seem closed off. Well! Four separate people not only spoke to me, three of them laughed with me! Obviously something had shifted! My breathing is much improved. Still a bit of a cough but the tightness in my chest is gone.

I haven't had the conversation with [family member] yet but haven't spent any time with her. We did have a nice conversation on the phone yesterday. The anxiety I was feeling about her has dissipated although I am a little anxious about saying what I need to say to her without blaming. My thought is... I love you and admire you and because of that admiration I really want to be heard by you. Your opinion about what I'm saying is important to me...


Oh!! I forgot the most important part. When we finished our session I threw away all the candy I was attracted to. At the grocery store I noticed the definite sensation of nausea in the bakery and the feeling that the candy and cookie aisles would bring on an episode that would be very embarrassing. That feeling hasn't subsided and in fact I am encouraging it. I've had no candy or sweets since our session. Thanks for being part of the sweetness in my life. With love and gratitude" - MN


"During this past week I have been aware of so many good changes happening, ongoing, with both my physical symptoms in my feet, and even more, changes in how I feel, living my life.  The numbness in my feet seems to be subtly changing, as it feels similar to having very, very cold feet after being out in the snow, and coming inside to warm up:  The numbness is still there, but it is gradually, subtly, "breaking up".  There is less stiffness happening.
    What I have noticed in how I am facing the ongoing issues within family relationships is that I feel stronger.  Without having to think about what I am going to say or do, I feel automatically stronger about maintaining my boundaries.  I sense that this change within me is something that is affecting the responses that are coming from the individuals who are part of this whole picture.  In the past, I would have simply allowed a chain of communication to occur, which would have engaged me in a way that always, in the past, left me extremely vulnerable, since I always reacted to these emotional dramas by "caving in" early on, being the person who was more inclined to not hurt the other, to not "make waves", etc.
    This particular drama is not over, certainly not resolved, but at least I feel that I have dealt with it in a better way than I would have without the help you gave me.  Everything  you brought up described exactly the details of a lifetime pattern of how I have lived my life, within family relationships, as well as other close ones.  I have been aware of this pattern, over the years, but have been unable to CHANGE it.  What feels different now, since talking with you, is that I have more strength, to act differently.  I appreciate what you have given me so much!
I am very grateful to you.  Love,"   - NM


"In follow up to yesterday's session, I feel great today.  It seems there was a constriction around my heart that I wasn't fully aware of that is gone.  I feel lighter and more energized today than I have felt in quite a while.  I look forward to what our next session will bring."  - KG


"Hi Cathy! I’m feeling so so much lighter in terms of my anxiety. I’m also noticing quickly when an intrusive thought comes in and I’m actually using the visual you gave me of choosing the reality that I actually want. I’m finding a deeper knowing of myself as a creator because of this experience. And that goes for everything including my life with David. I’m allowing myself to feel more into what safety feels like in my body and how I actually get to choose that too. Oh and I’m feeling very creative with a lot of different inspiration for paintings. My biggest insight with art right now is all around trusting my visions and allowing myself to be led by my authentic style and eye. I feel less of an impulse to compare my work to others. Thank you for such a sweet session." - BW


"I'm doing very well :).  Like I said after our session that I had felt shifts immediately-

I am continuing to feel shifts of perspective( my role in the world and enjoying and flowing with it) and also sink deeper into a trust and well-being within myself and the world.  Perhaps you felt, also, but I feel like some major puzzle pieces in my life are clicking together and beginning  to present a picture and feeling of the life I have been desiring and building.  I feel more clear than ever in my mental and emotional world- a simple beingness where I get to allow and expect things to unfold in my favor.  I wish I could remember more of our session but I think I was in a trance while it was happening and just remember feeling a solidity within myself and trust that some powerful things had happened as well as some key highlights.. I feel good though! A gentleness and clarity  with myself and connected to the world around me.I appreciate you checking in and I won’t hesitate if I do have questions!"  -  DB


"Thank you, Cathy, these sessions are really life changing..."  -  DR


"Briefly, I ended up driving down the road after our session with tears in my eyes, thinking "I am a perfect, beloved, child of God.  Light of heart and smiling still" - MN


"Just wanted to check in after our session last week. I'm so glad we talked!
 As you know, my biggest worry was that this wonderful feeling of happiness and joy would suddenly just disappear. My second worry was that this "shift" would be too big and would somehow change me to the point of alienating friends and family.

Those feelings of fear and worry are no longer an issue.  Actually, it's very interesting.  They are just gone, like they were never there. My bank account and my figure thank you!  I am so thankful for your abilities, your knowledge, your reassurance and your presence in my life.  With love, Mary "  - MN


IMMEDIATELY after our session I began to spit out the stones in my salivary glands that had been clogged and painful enough to require surgery.  I was amazed at how immediately it happened . . . I feel it continue to clear.  No more pain . . ."  -  DB


"I ['ve often felt] lonely and like I lack friends. I met a new friend, have connected with old friends, and socially feel really positive and fulfilled.

"Hi Cathy . . . One year ago this week was a pivotal point in my marriage. [My husband] who had “been working on his drinking” came home completely blacked out from a golf tournament. It was scary and terrible. It was a breaking point for me, and I had my bags packed. This week he played in the same tournament and it was his birthday, and he came home completely himself even despite their attempts to help him celebrate with lots of alcohol. We met up with rest of the players later, and they were all sloppy and drunk. Instead, he was smart, funny and charming and it was really nice to see. It’s a stepping stone and has restored some faith for me. It’s not perfect. There was a night that he bordered the line recently, but after a cooling off period, I spoke to him about it and he was very receptive vs defensive and he is continually seeing the need for us to continue therapy together.  We also have found some new hobbies that are not alcohol related which feels nice.

My mom has started hanging out with people at work. I feel less pressure already and have not felt anger when hanging out with her like it’s my obligation, but instead a want.

Body image - this is a work in progress. I do love and accept my body, but I feel better with less body fat . . / I feel more optimistic that I will get there and attain it. Also, a huge obstacle has always been hunger and my appetite has been really low compared to usual . . .The lower hunger has been  really helpful. I’m focusing on what I can control and giving myself grace, but it feels easier than it has in the past. I also feel less self sabotage and willing to do the work to show up for myself.

Overall, I feel less stress, better sleep and have been enjoying life and it’s simple pleasures.  Thank you for your guidance,"  - 


"Hi Cathy,  I was going to email you soon, so good timing.  Over the weekend, all I did was sleep.  I took a nap on Saturday, and two naps on Sunday, which I probably haven't done since I was a baby.  I feel so much better, like I was finally able to scratch an itch I couldn't reach.  I think sometimes I do look for problems, because I am highly critical, but I'm an excellent problem solver, but this definitely needed to be uncovered.  All of that anxiety of looking for something I couldn't find, and having a baseline of exhaustion is just gone.  I feel totally relieved, and all of the anger I had for my immediate family has just dissolved.  Other people that I have familial attachments to, don't seem to be there any more either."   - DR


"I have not been drained and so exhausted on the verge of tears at night. I’m more present for my son rather than faking it to make it when so tired. I’ve had more focus and things are coming to me in sessions with clients that I think to myself, wow did that just come out of my mouth? haha!  [this client is a therapist] -
I haven’t had any inflammation issues with my feet and my eyes look much better. No headaches, nor migraines. I lost 2 pounds over night it seemed. My jaw has been relaxed which has been rare the past two years. -
I went on a little a shopping spree for some new clothes, did my nails, bought some nice earrings when I typically do not wear jewelry as I usually don’t take the extra two seconds to put it on, it was too low on the priority list.  -
My husband and I are doing okay... I’m just taking extra care of my own needs.. .  -
I’m just at peace overall. -
And I’ve noticed I’m more sensitive to my meds that I don’t need as much?  -
I also put pictures up in my house and bought a painting to hang in the living room, which hasn’t been like me for years! We have lives here over two years and it’s the first time I’ve decorated in our house. It was out of the blue I wanted to do that.. 
Thank you so much for your help and guidance!  - LM
(And after 2nd session):
"I had a big shift because I had no tolerance for the same things I’m used to, how people act or talk to me unkind and I was very firm in not allowing it to happen. [My husband] has been more nurturing and stops himself mid-sentence when he’s going to ask me to do something and is watching how he talks to me. He’s been making me coffee in the morning and making breakfast, dinner, not guilt tripping me about it since I’ve been working a lot this week. I’m also being nicer to him as I know he really does care. He’s been a better dad too on not just doing the fun Disneyland dad stuff but also the routine of getting him ready for school, brushing teeth, bath, story time etc.  -
...I have not had any neuropathy in my toes, fingers, and face edema gone since we met. I [still] have some slight tingling in my face on the right side... -
I haven’t had any migraines since we last spoke!   Thanks again!"  - LM

“I got an answer ! [during our session] … I feel quiet… It's incredible what you’ve done… What you’re doing is huge… I wish everybody could know what you do… I am eternally grateful…”  (This was the immediate response at the end of this client's session, quoted with the client’s permission - and her post-session follow up note:

“Cathy, Since our session, I’ve been proactive in pursuing my interest. I’ve signed up for an online course (which I did right after our session) and have already handed in my first completed assignment.  I didn’t have any [unusual] physical symptoms or strange occurrences/coincidences after the session but I do feel that an energy flow has been opened and is now moving things forward.”  - LH


Original Inquiry: "I have suffer from chronic pain from trygeminal neuralgia for more than 12 years.  It started with a bad ear infections.  Doctors have tried everything, more than 25 different kinds of medications, 3 nerve blockages, botox, and many more procidures.  I will like to know if you think that you could be able to take this pain away from me?"

Post-Session E-Mail:  "Dear Cathy, I really want you to know how much I apprecaite all you have done for me so far to help me,  The day after receving your [remote] healing] I notice how the intensity of my pain had diminshed.  The same happened the day after,  It felt really good!... Thank you again for your time, compassion, understanding, and for giving me hope.  God Bless you."  - ML



"Hi Cathy! Thanks for checking in:) I have been feeling so much better since our session! It is funny, it almost seems like both the least and the most marked change at the same time. Right before our session I was feeling so bad, and then during and immediately after I felt so blessedly different, and then the following days were less noticeably different except that I simply felt like I was myself again, which felt like the most natural thing in the world and therefore didn't seem like a huge change. But it really was actually! I think I just felt most of it immediately and as a result there was less of a delayed roll out of shifts that I could feel. This time I didn't feel confused or hazy at all, I felt more clear, and more energized, and needed less sleep than usual.


I have been experiencing memories coming back to me out of the blue, of all kinds. I also had a day of remembering and grieving the experience that caused me to feel like it wasn't safe to love anymore (which is also the same one that held me feeling trapped and feeling like a victim and also stuck in what you described as a bear trap, interwoven as well with the hurts of betrayal and abandonment that you called in blanket forgiveness for), but this time I remembered more of it at once, the good as well as the hard, and I felt like I had the opportunity to grieve it again as though it were fresh but I could start from a more healthy place this time. I could actually access the good that it brought me at the same time as feeling its loss, and when I felt the loss it felt less world-ending, and more like it could actually move, that there was something left of me and my life beneath it/without it.


Also, I finally, after four months of a deep discomfort that I couldn't completely name/ identify/understand around [my friends], had a conversation with him about it and was able to reach a feeling of peace and resolution about what was happening for us. My feelings of physical and emotional trauma that would arise around him finally dissolved! I have felt so immensely relieved and lighter for this, and feel grateful that after so long of nothing moving despite my best efforts, it has finally lifted and seemed to be accomplished so easily, and all at once, in a way I wasn't expecting. The very next day, I also had something come to the surface with another of [my friends] that had been building for some time, and we were able to resolve it quickly and relatively easily. I think both of these shifts were really helped by our work with boundaries, among everything else. I have been visualizing bark around my energy field in times when I feel the need for a stronger boundary, and I am feeling that to be helpful. [Note: tree bark came up during this client's session as an energetic metaphor for a boundary that is not a wall, but rather an interface and delineating structure that actually allows the 'tree' to maintain its identity, health and life in the physical world - CHA]. I have also received gestures and words and gifts from other people that have touched me so deeply and sweetly in the last few days that have been directly nourishing to the part of me that wasn't feeling like I deserved to be here or to be loved--people simply offered me these things when I didn't expect them, and it feels like a salve and a validation at the same time. I feel more ready and able to hear it and believe it too, especially given the contexts from which it came, and that all feels very relieving and reassuring. I feel rather set free, on numerous levels.


I am simply feeling generally better, for lack of a better word! I can feel spring starting up in my soul and my mind, which hasn't happened for a long time--it's been a long inner winter, like Narnia, that didn't change seasons when the seasons outside were changing, but now the ice inside me is melting and small things are growing and pushing through the muddy earth, and there are rivers again. It feels wonderful:)

Thank you Cathy, for all your help,   With love...." - MB



"Hi, Cathy,  After our first session] each day was a little different.  First, I was blissful, euphoric, and layed in bed absorbing.  I started hearing myself and trusting, and acting in accordance [with inner guidance] has been easier.  I’ve been more calm, and laughed for the first time in a while.  I’ve had no desire to listen to podcasts.  [And where my mind] had been racing with things I needed to do and things to be worried about, my mind has been quite for the first time in my life - I’ve been able to focus more on my work.  I’ve never had that many days in a row when my mind was so peaceful.  And in a family situation, I did not act in the [old] familiar way.  I pay attention to myself.  (After our second session): Thanks for checking in! I'm doing great . . . I'm still noticing all kinds of changes in myself.  Some internal, some physical just to name a few . . . I'm working out again, and it feels good to be doing so.  I'm writing every day.  I feel calm [and] I'm able to focus on work and other tasks without my brain and fear thoughts intruding."   - SG


"I have noticed I wake up very easily from naps, when before, I always wanted to take another nap... I am doing better physically, Yay!  I did realize at the end of our converstation that the knife [you saw] in my back is much more likely name withheld -

that was helpful.  The issue with my firned is truly healed.  My hsband and I are talking more easily, making retirement decisions.  Very good progress..."  -   MR


"I am deligthed with the results of your healing!  I would like to schedule another session in about three weeks' time... After our session yesterday I walked through the same neighborhood I had walked through earlier, only this time I was "walking on air"!  Everything looked beautiful and sparkling!  I was singing, and would have danced had I had some privacy!  feel so much better.  Stronger, more grounded, more like myself (I used to sing all the time.)  And all of this is affecting my life, naturally, in positive ways.


"Physically I feel better, as well.  I slept better than I have in a very long time, and I feel drawn to eating as well.  My skin feels as though it is slowly changing, becoming more normal. I cannot thank you enough for your generous healing help and in-depth insights.  I have not felt this hopeful about my life and future in a very, very long time...


"In the day after our session, the eczema healed completely...Something else I forgot to mention...I feel I have been processing some of the emotional background issues that came up during the last session.  Not with conscious effort, but rather just naturally noticing various thoughts or feelings that have to do with those issues from the past.  I think I can say that it feels as though they are losing their grip over me, gradually.


"I just wanted to say again, how wonderful, how incredible I felt after the session with you!  It is just amazing how much better I feel!  Thank you so much for your healing and compassionate insights.  Thank you again for what has been a life-changing experience!


"I recently had a healing session with Cathy, and found it life-changing! II feel much stronger, physically, have had sounder sleep at night, and have recovered a sense of joy in living that I thought I had lost, forever! She is extremely clear in her insights about what is causing whatever physical problems, and is very compassionate. I have had quite a bit of experience over the years with other alternative healers, and have never had as positive an experience as in this session with Cathy." -  NM


"Amazing clairvoyance and perceptions that transformed my thinking instantly rather than taking years for progress to appear as in Western medicine and psychotherapeutic sessions. Well worth the money to energetically move toward positive outcomes in minutes versus believing it will take a lifetime of suffering. If you are stuck and need to find peace and compassion within, now, and want to transform quickly, this is the authentic technique that develops your insights and fosters fast results."  - LG


"I noticed a couple of changes right away almost!  Mostly in my thought & feeling process...I am definitely more trusting in myself and my abilities and what I know, now more than I ever have been!  After I got off the phone with you I actually had a couple of visions as well, which were really neat, and I'd like to talk wit you about them in our next session...I'm doing great and am so excited for our next session!...


"I've been noticing quite a lote of subtle changes, as well as some physical changes, too!  My umbilical hernia has gotten quite a bit better ever since you helped with healing it energetically!  I would say it's probably 70-80% better now than it was, so thank you for that!  Shortly afte our session, things began to gradually pick up on an energetic level for's almost been "chaotic" in a sense - not in a bad way - All I mean by "chaotic" is bascially a lot of different energy levels ...I do my best to figure out what the Divine Universe is [teaching] me so I can have more growth and expansion: I've noticed that doing this has recently become more of a second nature and just happens more instinctively now! I feel like I've been going through a really deep cleansing and healing since our last session...


"On another note,..I am actually working on my own small business right now...This is something I've wanted and needed to do for a very long time now.  I'm excited for where this is all going to take me and allow me to do what I love and help others and the Awakening process the best way I know how!  You've helped me sooo very much Cathy not only in healing energetcially, but in trusting myelf and my own inner guidance more completely... I am and always will be so very, truly grateful to you.  Lots of love, and Namaste."  - KB


"I just realized, literally just now, that I should give you an update on my "condition"...My face, the Bell's palsy, is almost gone, like 99% healed.  My eye, my cheek, and my lone dimple have returned to normal.  The only thing left is my smile, it's still a little crooked, but I've been told it's no worries!  Life is really good.  Kids are great, and I have a new purpose that's unfolding beautifully...I'm having "visions, for lack of better explanation.  I'm seeing things before they happen...its like an intuitive discernment that's 100%'s scary nd disconcerting at times [but] whatever this is has kept me and the kids safe a couple of times in the last month."   -  MB


"I'm doing very well...A lot has transformed in my life since we last talked. I feel a solidity in my self and thoughts. I'm not taking the stories the world and media [are] pushing so seriously, and [am] keeping the fear and stress out. I had actually felt/thought about chemo patients and being poisoned when my hair was falling out before we had our session...I've been feeling great and my hair is doing much better.


When I find myself in "lower" vibes it's been easier and easier to shake them off and go into the heart. I'm not just saying that either - things have really shifted and I am not gravitated toward the drama...I've been much more attentive on eating more nutritious and fresh food.


I had an interesting experience in the last two weeks.  There was a harmonic convergence being streamed online for 10 days...I was able to cry and dance and connect to the power...


The big take away message from our session as well as the last couple weeks is - be love - and be empowered.  


Also, it did take a week or two for my hair to stop falling out by the globs, but immediately after our session I could feel a shift. I could see the hooks and the bait and my choice to indulge in paranoia and fear. It was very easy to resonate with a more joyful/creative/empowered reality afterwards - like a snap of the fingers easy...As always, thank you for your service and your friendship."  - DB


"The day after our session was a roller coaster of emotions, from happy tears to laughter. Then on Friday or Saturday, not sure which, it was like everything took a half step sideways...literally. I felt like that was what physically happened. Since then I feel lighter, less weighed down with the responsibility of being everyone's protector/

caretaker. It's so much easiier, letting everyone just be!  Before our session I really thought I was in a pretty good place. And I was. Now is better!  Oh, and I had a dream about my mother, We were laughing and smiling together. That's the first time that's happened. How wonderful! Looking forward to spending more time with you..." - MN


"The session with you was transformative for me.  At once I experienced relief in my neck area which has bothered me since it was injured.  I have been motivated to find a job to pay off my student loans . . . I noticed a large difference in my thinking regarding the ancestry and DNA . . . I have increased motivation to improve myself physically and mentally . .  . I have set boundaries with two of my friends, who are suffering, so I do not take it on internally.  My insight is that transformation does not have to be long and tedious but rather immediate and exciting!"   - LG


"Since the day you removed the rebar* from my feet I have never had another pain in them..."   - MG   (*rebar is a rod-like construction material, which in this case signified old emotional patterns held onto from a previous career that were keeping this person from freely moving forward - cha)


"I am happy to report that my Dr appointment went well; he was totally baffled as to why he couldn't find anything!...I've noticed a lot of spacial differences, rooms seem shaped differently than I remember.  I re-arranged the furniture in the living room because it felt like I was sitting in a weird corner.  My dog and cat are treating me totally differently.  They had been ignoring me for so many months I had forgotten that they knew I existed, so that is surprising and encouraging...I repeat it often: I am not sickly. I am healthful!  I am relieved at the peace I feel toward my family, and brother specifically.  I've been fully able to have one on one time with each kid, and I feel much more calm in general...Love and thankfulness.,..."  - BK 


" my dream I decided to meditate.  After a few moments of reeling into my self I experienced the most profound state of consciousness where I was able shift my awareness into a ‘’bigger’’ picture which was so silly simple and ecstatic... the light turned green and I went through it and woke up.  I wanted to share that dream with you in regards to [the desire to experience] altered states I brought up in our session... thank you for your friendship and mentoring in my life! "  - DB
"Wow! After your [detailed] example, I realize perfectly...I believe you have touched upon the reality here that we all self-seeking beings!  We all have our own agenda for the outcomes.  I recently was taken off benzodiazepines which will ultimately lead me down a better path in life without being drugged.  Your input has helped me immensely in handling reality in my life. Thank you so much for taking the time to instruct me! " - LG

"We have noticed a big change in [our 13 year old daughter, who was suffering from depression, was diagnosed as bipolar, and was considering self-harm].  She is back almost 100%.  I think the session made a great deal of difference - she is stronger at changing her thoughts, being happier and realizing she matters, and that she has choice.  Thank you so much, we apprieciate you..."  - JC


"I saw a 95% improvement in [my sister] after her session with you."   -TL


"The day after our session I ended the relationship I'd been in that hadn't been right for me, and soon met the right person.  We're getting marreid, I'm pregnant, we're buying a house, and I'm starting a new business... I am very grateful for the session with you - and more than amazed at the transformations since!" - KP


"I struggled with chronic pelvic pain for 14 years from endometriosis and PCOS and it was progressively gettting worse.  I was in pain for the majority of my cycle and was looking for help!  I found Cathy and scheduled an appointment. It has been just over 4 weeks since I've seen her and my pelvic pain has been nonexistent!!  Who knew that one hour with Cathy could be so life changing.  Not only have I been without pain (a huge, definite change), I have been experiencing slow but positive changes on my life path."  - BL


"Wow, how my life feels changed after my session wih you 11 days ago.  I walked in so full of thoughts/anxiety/fears and today I feel like a whole new person...I have pride in my looks again - I get dressed, do my hair and makeup in the morning, which was a struggle for me...Looking around me and appreciating the little things that make me happy has been very easy to apply to my real life, to not only help me with being more joyful - but present, which has been a huge struggle in the past.  I had an almost euphoric physical feeling last Thursday morning...I felt compelled to go to the health club, so I did.  I felt amazing while I was on the eliptical...then I swam my first 1000 yards ever!  Everything just clicked...For the first time in my life, the gym wasn't about punishing myself, it was about loving myself...I am so grateful to have met you...You were able to accomplish something that doctors, couselors, the occasional medication, and myself have been trying to do my whole adult life.  It's unbelievable!... - KB


"Everything is going really well.  That last session changed my life . . . it feels amazing

  . . . I'm getting chills just typing this e-mail!  Thank you so much Cathy!"  -AB


"Right away I didn't feel or see much changes, and in fact . . . I think initially things got a little worse (at least I perceived them as worse). [But] after about 2 weeks I was able to see things differently and really felt a shift - mostly in the work situation, but everything improved after that shift.  Even inflammation and gut issues improved significantly. So in short, things are are great!!!  And just keep getting better!  I notice lots of changes in my perception and am much more easy going about things. Thanks for all you do!!"   - SO


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Our session helped me get out of a perpetual cycle that's probably been going on for lifetimes.  I am so excited for my future...I will keep paying it forward by sharing my experience and new found joy."  - TH


"My head tingled for 2 days...maybe some healing going on!  Sleep a lot deeper!  Lost about 80% of my neck pain!...overall I' m IMPRESSED!"  - DT


 "My encounter with Cathy was one of the most powerful experiences of my life...  - AS


"Last Wednesday morning I had a shift to a wonderful sense of well-being and

 happiness.  I have maintained ever since.  It is hard to describe, but almost bliss or joy.  Thanks for all your love and support."  - AM



"I'm doing great.  I have gained great freedom and peace from 'turning down" my spiritual sensitivity.  This has been a huge relief.  It has bled positivity into every aspect of my life...We traveled to visit family and it was 99% less stressful than the last time, and I know that was the difference.  I have barely any anxiety when going out in public, nothing that a cleansing breath can't elevate, and I am more successful in speaking with others about issues or topics close to my heart.  Speaking my truth and releasing my worry is now a delight!  My physical body has changed too, my digestion, how my muscles work and's awesome and enjoyable!  Most everyone (outside of my immediate family) does not seem to believe that I am well/all better/healed; they heard I took Latin Dance classes and have suggested I have simply learned to cope with my physical pain.  My husband says we need new friends, lol!  You did more for me than I even imagined.  I came to you hoping for just a 5% decrease in my pain and I now have the tools to get through my life fully, without limits, and with renewed hope & joy!  I am actually able to address emotional issues at their root as they crop up.  It's been incredible.  My husband says I continue to grow into my best self.  He says I skip around now!    -BK


"My experience since our session has changed drastically, from the way I feel, to my perceptions & reactions with others and the outer world. Immediately after, I had a burst of clear energy.  I felt more confident and happy.  The world started to look brighter and more colorful.  I felt true peace and joy.  These past couple of days have been the best I've had in a really long time.  I wake up with more energy and don't feel so drained by everything; have been getting more done & am not so overwhelmed.  I feel I am truly healing, body, mind and soul.  You are a miracle and a gift to this planet." - MH


“Working with you was so transformational.  After years of being in the world of healing, knowing and working with various healers, you have been the truest and most genuine I have experienced . . . knowing you and experiencing your abilities has been incredible.  I continue to speak of you to anyone who is seeking healing . . . I am feeling tremendous realizations and shifts that I feel very good about.  I have realized getting my own little place and going back to school are the next steps. For years I could not commit to either of those . . . but right now it's just a knowingness . . . You a true gift to this planet.  I intend to have more sessions with you, probably for life.  I would love to learn from you one day."   - JT


"I go around whisting now, and my co-workers and boyfriend all say they notice a big change in me.  I felt ike decorating for Christmas for the first time in year.  And even, though I have always hated onions, I bought a dish with onions in it and ate it and they didn't taste bad to me at all..."  - JM


“My daughter was dyslexic, but the school system does not recognize that as a disability, so they don’t offer any assistance to any student that is dyslexic.  I took my daughter to Cathy and had AMAZING results!!!  Last week she told me that the teachers were surprised at her test scores because they were significantly higher than they had ever been before; my daughter told me that was because ‘she can read the right way now’! [My daughter has also] been voicing her opinion very well since Sunday and is constantly grinning from ear to ear, and I ask her why she is happy and she says, “I just am; I feel good, look good and I have an amazing family! . . . A few minutes ago I got this super [powerful] emotion of ‘everything you have been asking for is coming your way; you are in receivership mode – it’s YOUR time to shine!’  I’ve never had such a [powerful feeling] as this one I’ve had since our last session . . .”   -SK


(Note: The mother in the above case told me that she'd actually received phone calls and letters from school teachers and administrators regarding her daughter's improvement.  She also said that the child had been having difficulty with math - adding when she was supposed to subtract and vice versa, etc.  Now she is evidantly whizzing through her math homework, without help, and her scores on the math portion of the test were also significantly improved.  CHA)


"In the last several years, I have spent thousances of dollars on coaching and personal development.  While all that was wonderful and useful, my sessions with Cathy are what has allowed me to connect the dots and integrate what I learned into my life in a truly authentic way...  I feel like in our sessions we have addressed more of the ideas and beliefs as to why I haven't moved forward with the things I have learned.  I feel like I have begun integrating more... When it comes to what I have spent on virtual coaching, I would rather spend that on consistent sessions with you because it's been what works for me and I feel the changes that are assimiliating."  - BB


"Sunday evening at my son's 4H Club meeting, another mom, who I always see at these meetings, said, 'Oh, my Gosh!  You look like you've lost 25 pounds!'  Then later that evening when I saw my mother, she said, 'You look thinner for some reason.'  And I said 'That's because I am thinner.'  This was Sunday evening; my session [with you] was on Friday."   -SK


"I saw a 95% improvement in [my sister] after her session with you."   -TL


"Life is good and very free flowing.  New things coming in, seasonal things passing,  New business opportunities, new friendships, and lots of fun.  It's funny, I have found myself in maybe the healthiest "relationship" of my life and it's nice."    -MB


"Thank you for such an amazing session!  For the first time in a very long time, I feel alive again . . . May the divine spirit be well to you because you are a gift . . . My light is shining again, finally."   -JA


"I have felt different.  The night after our session my hands were tingly.  Throughout these past few days I have felt at ease.  Less prone to getting upset.  This morning I went out with my drone to film the aspen changing colors on the mountain.  I had forgot to fix my drone, so when I opened up the case I saw my mistake.  My usual reaction would have been as follows: a few curse words and some yelling.  Today was different.  I laughed a little, put my drone back in the case, tossed it in my truck and went for a hike instead."   -AS


"Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!  I have been thinking different than before in a better version of me!  I really like that a lot!  So excited to do another session!"   -MK


"I have noticed that [my son is] opening up about things he hasn’t ever talked about before and his anxiety  . . . is a lot less.  He has been happier in his everyday life . . . and is the child he always wanted to be . . . he'd been afraid to show his true colors in in fear of someone disapproving . . .”   -SK


“I got a call from not 1, but 3 companies wanting me to work for them; owners called personally . . . in each of [my small businesses] someone has asked me about ordering something for them . . . When people have said things that would have bothered me [before], I recognized them and they didn’t bother me . . . it was an amazing feeling! . . . I got elected to speak at a meeting, just from an opinion I’d [voiced] . . . I was wondering if I should buy a new 4-wheeler for the ranch, and got a call about a man who wanted to trade one of my puppies for one . . .This is just since Saturday and it’s only Wednesday!! Thank you :-)”   -SK


 "I just wanted to say I thank God for you!  Loving thoughts . . ."    -LT


" [My son] . . . said he feels lighter and not in a bad mood, and you did something because he didn't get into trouble at all today (lol) . . ."    -SK


" I just wanted to share with you that all day I have had a lot of healing emotional release and a feeling of peace and freedom that I have needed for a long time but not felt.  I felt I finally knew how to slow down and be present all day and my heart is indeed very open and melting.  I think what you do is very powerful and unique and needs to be shared with as many people as possible . . ."    -KJ


This client originally came to me for help opening up and expanding her intuitive abilities, and improving her financial situation and business opportunities.  You can see that she experienced improvement in those, as well as in other, areas:


The changes I have noticed are I pick up on other people’s feelings; random people are talking to me and just [starting] conversations with me about business; and our finances are good . . . Yesterday I was on my way to go get the kids from school and I just had this feeling that my son was going to ask me about a dog . . . he was really surprised I knew anything about it . . . his teacher had told him about one right before school got out.  I LOVE WELCOMING ALL THE CHANGES!  THANK YOU CATHY!”


“First I will tell you, my ex-husband has [always] wanted the children just to be a pain . . . [but] for the last two weekends he has called to say that he doesn’t want them . . . I JUMPED WITH JOY . . . AND FELT SO RELIEVED . . .And I have a friend that has always made me feel bad if she doesn’t get her way . . . today I just let her throw her fit and it hasn’t affected me and I don’t feel bad, and that in itself feels AMAZING!!!!"...


“In the last two days I’ve had people come out of the woodwork wanting me to join their businesses and work for, or with, them: I mean like 5 in a day!!!  Now when I think of something that I used to think impossible, my gut says, 'It is possible!' ”   - SK


" . . . in "receiving" mode . . .Thank you . . ."    - CD


Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate our sessions and the phenomenal help you have been in showing the way to a more physical and mental well-being:


In 1989, I was diagnosed with emphysema, which left me with breathing problems and heavy, unrelenting coughing for over 20 years.  In addition, I have arthritis in my shoulders and arms, plus tremors in my hands.  After three sessions with you, my coughing has been reduced approximately 75% and my arms no longer ache.  My backache has been reduced to a mere twinge, plus my tremors have disappeared.  I must admit, prior to our first session, I did have a bit of skepticism; after all, I am 85 years old, and after 20 years of illness and exhaustion, it was difficult for me to believe anything would or could change.  How wrong I was!  I now know that healing is possible if you believe and the right person shows you the way.  Again, my sincere thanks to you for your sincere and unselfish caring and guidance."     -HB


"Everything in my life is amazing!!!  I feel like I am living every day through my heart, not my brain. . . I am recognizing negativity and letting it go . . . much happier and its only going to get better!  Thank you!!!"   -SK


I have had several sessions with Cathy Adams over the last several months stemming from a physical issue I have been dealing with.  I can honestly say that I do not totally understand exactly how or what she does, but I can tell you it works.  I have seen profound changes in myself and my life since my first session with her.  She has really gotten energies moving around for me and I know good things are coming my way.  One of the issues I was dealing with was not being able to sleep and after my first session with her, I felt everything kind of melt away, including the stress I had been carrying around with me.  I felt very tired and very peaceful and was able to sleep again and I feel that I have more clarity about so many different areas of my life now . . . What she does is truly unique and amazing and I cannot recommend her enough."   -JY


“Prior to our first session, there was one 'known' aspect about myself that I was seeking guidance with.  I needed Cathy’s help so that my 'higher' self could come forward and  . . . remove this obstacle.  What I didn’t know at the time was that there was a traumatic experience from my past, which I thought I had moved on from, but truly hadn’t.  Through our work together, I discovered that there was an unresolved wound in my heart . . . I went to that 'sad place' that had left me damaged all those years ago . . . As Cathy had speculated, going back to that place was a good and necessary thing: I saw the experience from a very different point of view. All the love and beauty that was borne out of that tragedy had been obscured by my focus on [its] negative aspects.  I know that getting to this place would have taken longer, and possibly might not even have occurred without Cathy’s help.


"I feel so much gratitude toward Cathy for the ways in which she’s helped me become more like my 'true self.'  I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work

with Cathy.”   -AM  


“You helped me loosen my shoulder . . . I am stronger and in a better place, for sure!”



Cathy Adams . . . has helped free me from issues that I’ve struggled with for years.  I love working with her – and learning from her.”   -TV


Wanted to let you know that I’ve already gotten a couple new ideas and am working to stay open.  The session this a.m. REALLY helped me a lot, in lots of ways, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU . . .”   -TL


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