Guided Meditation: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals

In this guided meditation, I'll help you make live, real-time changes to your energetic pattern that will supercharge and give real vibrational weight and substance to your goal or dream.  Through direction and guided imagery, you will identify and clear the beliefs, emotions, fear patterns, and unhelpful expectations that have been blocking you, and you will go into resonance with the mental, emotional and physical vibrational patterns that will propel your dreams and goals into physical reality!


I will also share some tips and insights, give you powerful tools that you will be able to use again and again to help manifest your dreams, and I'll open live chat as time allows so you can type your questions and have me answer them to the group.


If you weren't able to attend the live event, you will still be able to play back the full webinar and get the exact same benefit from the meditation, and the powerful energetic field created by the group, as you would have gotten had you attended live. 



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The Art & Science Of Manifestation

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Cathy Hazel Adams is an intuitive energetic practitioner and a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner, and is not licensed by any state as a Medical or Mental Health Care Practitioner.


This webinar is not a replacement for prudent, professional mental, emotional and physical health care, and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prescribe in any way.  Cathy Hazel Adams is not a financial or legal professional and does not offer profess to offer guidance in these areas.


I am solely responsible for my own health care, and for how I interpret and apply the information that comes up during this meditation.  I am solely responsible for my own outcomes. 


Specific results cannot be guaranteed.


I certify that I am 18 years of age or older.


I release Cathy Hazel Adams, her heirs and assigns, and Cathy Hazel Adams, LLC, from any and all liability, including financial. This webinar will be recorded, and may be shared in whole or in part on the internet at some point in the future.


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Guided Meditation: Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals

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Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals
24.00 USD

Guided Meditation. A link to the audio/video recording will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.






Private 45 Minute Coaching Session
70.00 USD

A 45-minute individual coaching session via Zoom or phone is available as follow up to the Guided Meditation. This special coaching option is available only when purchased with the guided meditation webinar, and cannot be combined with any other offer or package.


Feedback from Manifesting Your Dreams & Goals Guided Meditation:


"This webinar is such an impactful gift! To be able to come back to it and work through things with you when I feel like I need to is incredible!  Thank you!" . . . 

Just wanted to say thank you for your time to guide us through the attunements and give perspectives and answer questions. You're the best!  I have been using the shortened version of the attunements since our session back in November.
They have, without a doubt, helped me.

During our tuneup session January 1st I agreed to stop trying to make my sister in law into something I think she should be and just allow her to be herself, just the way she is and to love her, just the way she is. What a relief!! I don't think I'd have gotten to that point so quickly without the attunements.
Then, just today, after using the expanded attunements for a couple days, I realized that I am actually grateful for her, and for her brother, my husband, for being exactly who they are. I'd have never met you or come to this place I am now, without them.
I already feel lighter, more joyful, and way more at peace.

Thank you, Cathy Much love."  - MN


"Your guided meditation opened me up to a different tool... this meditation opened me up to something even more expansive...I have already seen changes in myself, the way I [interact with others and the way] others interact with me, and a deeper relationship with the magic all around us...  There are many aspects of my life I want to start leaning into more, and this is one I feel very called to.  I would love to learn from you and become more familiar with the energy matrix.  Thank you again for holding space for all of us and I look forward to talking with you more."  - MZ


"Cathy, Yes yes and yes, holy [buckets]. So much change. I feel like a had a pretty massive breakthrough last night and this morning. I just wrote 4 pages about it so I don’t think I can sum it up in an email but I’ll try.  Basically, like you said at the meditation, I aligned with my deepest dreams and desires, so things that don't match up will show up.  Well, remember [private information]...?  I feel like that kind of came full circle...You were right; I did align with my higher self, dreams and desires and these two things that I have asked and asked to feel differently about have truly shown themselves in the most unexpected way...Thank you again for everything, Cathy.  I have felt infinite gratitude for you the last two weeks.  -  BB



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