Do You Do Distance & Remote Healing; How Does It Work?

Yes, I specialize in sessions at long distance, via phone, Skype or Zoom. If you've never had a one, you might doubt how effective a distance session can be and wonder how it’s even possible. Distance sessions are possible because, rather than having to “run energy” through my hands to your physical body or your auric field, I work directly in the area of creative effect, or the causal area, that surrounds, contains and creates your physical space-time experience, in the energetic idea fields that generateyour physical body and auric field.


There are 2 key principles of quantum physics at play here: Entanglement and Non-Locality.  Entanglement is this: When 2 quantum systems, or “particles,” are energetically entwined, they behave as if they are directly connected - whatever is done to one will effect the other in the same way, whether they are 22 millimeters apart or 22 light years apart. This is non-locality, or “spooky action at a distance,” as Einstein called it.  In our sessions, I entangle with you (the metaphysical term is “entrain”), and go into resonance with you in a better, healthier, happier, more true-to-your-potentials version of yourself and your life; and because we are entangled, when I experience you as a happier, healthier, truer version of you, so do you.


Because I connect with you energetically and clairvoyantly, our distance sessions are just as intimate and deeply powerful as our in person sessions. I am always working with the multidimensional energetic hologram of you, even in our in person sessions. So I’m never working on your physical body - I’m working in the energetic patterns that are creating it!  When I started my practice 8 years ago, nearly all of my sessions were distance sessions, and even now, after years of gaining a local clientele in Casper, well over half of my clients are out of state or out of country. I am able to help clients literally anywhere in the world.


You might wonder if there’s a difference between “distance” and “remote” sessions. In my experience, the terms are often used interchangeably, although sometimes “distance” is used to describe sessions done with the client present, by phone or Skype, and  “remote” to describe sessions done for the client without the client directly participating, but perhaps lying or sitting quietly alone and being receptive to the shifts being offered. Although I much prefer client presence and participation, I have sometimes done remote sessions when the situation warranted, and those clients have reported excellent results.  You can read more about entanglement on the “What Role Does Quantum Physics Play?” page of the Questions & Answers section of my website.


SEE ENTANGLEMENT!  Entangled Cat Photo. In this Discover magazine photo, light particles have been entangled into a single coherent beam (a laser beam) which was then split in two - one half was projected through a cat cut out, and the other half behaved as if it had gone through the same cut out. The more colorful image is the entangled projection and the original is the pale, less detailed one!






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