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"I've bought a lot of programs from well-known gurus...there was always something missing...then I came across Cathy and found all the information I'd been searching for...I learned more from you than I ever learned from [a nationally know, popular and respected teacher and practitioner]."  - SK



Throughout the year I offer classes, webinars and guided meditations, all designed to expand your understanding, awareness and ideas of what is "true" and possible, and give you ideas and practical tools that you can use every day to create the best possible life experience for yourself and others.


Below you'll find the schedule of upcoming classes, webinars, and guided meditations, as well as recordings of some of my favorite past classes and webinars, archived and now available for Replay.






I do not teach Matrix Energetics® in these classes -

I teach the universal laws and creative principles upon which all healing modalities, including Matrix Energetics, are based, and give you tools and practical, easy ways to use them to create your best possible life.


I am available on a limited basis to travel to other areas to teach seminars and give talks. If you are interested in organizing an out-of-town event, please call to discuss details.


"Thanks, Cathy! I'm pretty sure you already know how helpful that webinar was - it was as if you flipped a switch and my whole way of thinking about certain aspects of my life changed. Thank you. I learn something profound every time I'm with you."  MN



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                 Archives: Available For Replay


Living From The Heart: The Key To Peace, Freedom and Creative Empowe​rment


The field of the heart is not the heart chakra, but a vibrational state of consciousness that is our connection to our source, the Divine Universal Consciousness.  This state is the basis for meditation; creating a calm breathing space for yourself; entering a light self-hypnosis for self-transformation and healing; and for journeying.


In this 4-hour class, which was recorded in the intimate setting of my own office, with a small group of students present to help create a live energetic event in which you have already been included, we workshop techiques and guided meditations to learn how to quickly get into the heart space, how to stay there, and how to start living from this place of joy, creativity, love, peace, and unconditional well-being all day, every day. 


"Thanks so much, Cathy! What an experience! I feel like the whole world

just opened up for me..."


"I learn something new every time I watch it!...  - LN




What Is Your Body Telling You?  How Injuries,

Symptoms & Illnesses Can Help You Become The

Happiest, Healthiest, Best Possible Version Of Yourself.


We've all, at some point, had the feeling that our bodies are betraying us, that they are failing and are even "bad" when they become sick, overweight, injured, painful or impaired.

But what if our bodies are really showing us exactly what we really think and feel about ourselves, the world, and our place in it?  And what if we can use that information to identify and clear our own energy blockages and start living our true, best possible lives?


In this 3-part webinar, Cathy draws on decades of study with Seth and Louise Hay, meditation and direct knowledge from the universal consciousness field, as well as her years of experience as a transformational energetic healing practitioner to teach students how to identify constricting energetic idea patterns and start changing their health, and their lives, for the better...


"I always learn something really profound during these webinars.

Happened again today. Thank you!!"  - MN


"I had quite a go round with health issues for a while...I had a particularly obnoxious sinus infection which lead to the discovery of a strange heart rhythm [which is] not an issue and my heart is healthy.  Interestingly, all this stuff fits perfectly with those specific things you said in the [Body] webinar.  I have spent a good amount of time getting my head and heart in a better place and am feeling terrific!!  - MN





1-Hour Group Transformation & Healing Webinars

(Seven 'Transformations' Topics Are Currently Available For Replay)


The energetic shifts in Transformations webinars occur outside of space-time, so they are live and just as powerful now as when the webinars happened in "earth time." 


             "As usual I gained a tremendous amount of insight from our [group session]. 

Well worth it to "reset" very old, ingrained thought patterns to ones that are far healthier and more the 'real, current' me! You changed a 50-60 year old pattern..."  -MN 


"I feel amazing!"  - SK





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