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"I've bought a lot of programs from well-known gurus...there was always something missing...then I came across Cathy and found all the information I'd been searching for...I learned more from you than I ever learned for [a nationally known, very popluar and respected teacher/pracititioner]."  - SK


Throughout the year I offer classes, webinars and guided meditations, all designed to expand your understanding, awareness and ideas of what is "true" and possible, and give you ideas and practical tools that you can use every day to create the best possible life experience for yourself and others.


Below you'll find the schedule of upcoming classes, webinars, and guided meditations, as well as Downloads For Home Study.


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Unless otherwise noted, all classes are appropriate for students at all levels of experience and knowledge: From brand new seeker to alternative healing arts practitioner seeking to increase enrich and expand your effectiveness with your own modality, my classes are intended to open your own portals and give you the perfect platform from which to move into your dreams and authentic life path.


I do not teach Matrix Energetics® procedures in these classes - I don't need to. I teach the universal laws and creative principles upon which all healing modalities, including Matrix Energetics, are based, and give you tools and practical, easy ways to use them to create peace, joy and self-empowerment.


I am available on a limited basis to travel to other areas to teach seminars and give talks. If you are interested in organizing an out-of-town event, please call to discuss details.


"Thanks, Cathy! I'm pretty sure you already know how helpful that webinar

was - it was as if you flipped a switch and my whole way of thinking about certain aspects of my life changed.  Thank you.  I learn something profound

every time I'm with you."  - MN







A Special 1 1/2 hour Webinar/Group Transformational Session

Saturday, May 18th, 2019

2:30-4:00pm US MDT 


This webinar (which turned itself into a 2-part, more extensive event!) has already happened, but we recorded it and will soon make it available to you as a Download For Home Study.  Stay tuned!





Play Dates With Cathy:

A Clearing & Reset Of Your Energetic Program

A 1-hour Webinar/Group Transformational Session


   Recordings Of All Past "Play Dates" are available for download.

 The energetic shifts in Play Date webinars occur outside of space-time,

  so they are live and just as powerful when the webinars are watched

 after the fact as they were when the webinars happened in "earth time."


                                       Click here to learn more 


"As usual, I gained a tremendous amount of insight from our play date.

Well worth it to "reset" very old. ingrained thought patterns to ones that are

far healthier and more the "real, current" me! You changed a

50-60 year old pattern..."  -MN


"I feel amazing!"  - SK



Living From The Heart: The Key To Peace, Freedom and Creative Empowerment


The field of the heart is not the heart chakra, but a vibrational state of consciousness that is our portal to our source, the Divine Universal Consciousness.


In this 4-hour class, which was recorded in the intimate setting of my own office, with a small handfull of students present to help create a live energetic event in which you are already included, we workshop techiques and guided meditations to learn how to quickly get into the heart space, how to stay there, and how to start living from this place of joy, creativity, love, peace, and unconditional well-being all day, every day.


The class is jam-packed with information and "hands on" direct experience in the heart field consciousness.  In it we take a look at what the probability field of an electron teaches us about our own unlimited possibilities; we explore the characteristics of love and fear; and visit the concept of neutrality and how the space betwen the spaces of physical space-time is our area of infinite possibility and creative effect.  We workshop meditations in which we experience the unconditional love, joy, flow and support of the Universal Consciousness; and we directly intervene, live, in an actual current life situation, to effect a different, better outcome for ourselves.  We practice opening and holding space for someone we're worried about to have the best possible outcome, and explore how our own ideas of others can help to form the reality they experience.  We learn how we can help others by changing our own ideas and energies (which relates to the Hawai'ian Ho'oponopono), and much more.  This class is full of real life examples, white board illustrations, laughter, and a sense of magical possibiity!

Learn how living from the Heart can bring you the freedom and personal empowerment to create you heart's desire, and to bring positive change to your own life, and to the world you live in.


The class is downloaded as an .mp4 audio/video file and comes with printed material that includes Heart quotes, ways to get into the field of the heart, a simple morning meditation, and tips for staying in the heart and creating your best day, every day!

Link to purchase below.   3hrs 56 min.


"I had so much fun!  You have such an eloquent way of gently guiding us into the space between the spaces and showing us techniques of holding multiple versions of ourselves . . . So many of the ideas you present change the way I perceive my reality around me . . . One theory that puts a lot of ideas into perspective for me is when the electron [wave] collapses into a single particle once it is observed. I love how you are able to guide us into a place where we are able to observe other realities of ourselves.   Just a big Thank You!  Flow and grace, playful and sincere.

Valuable and worth the money."  - DB


"Right after your class I was able to see and choose other possible

options and completely changed two different situations..."  - DS


"I want to thank you for [the] seminar.  It was of great help to me and it was what I needed, exactly at the time I needed it.  The Universe works in amazing ways!  I learned great lessons which I want to continue to use throughout the rest of my life and I would like to continue studying with you.  Thank you once again, Cathy!  - SM


"Thanks so much, Cathy!  What an experience!  I feel like the whole world just opened up for me . . . I felt empathy for every being on the planet, even those who do things we would consider evil.  I don't think I've ever come close to that feeling before and it was unforgettable." - MN


"I meditate, but this was . . . more direct and powerful."  - KG



Living From The Heart: The Key To Peace, Freedom & Creative Empowerment
79.00 USD

Living From The Heart: The Key To Peace, Freedom & Creative Empowerment: downloaded in .mp4 audio/video format. 3 hr 56min.
You will receive your link to recording & .pdf package within 24 hours.





            "Universal Guidance does not come from

                  someplace outside of ourselves -

                          it comes from within."

                                                   - Cathy










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