Do the sessions involve past life information?

Sometimes, if the information is useful and necessary.  What we think of as past lives are in reality other "probable" lifetimes, experienced within other historical time frames, locations and cultural contexts.  Because all of our probable Selves are interconnected, virtually everything we need to know about ourselves and our patterns of thought, emotion, belief, expectation and behavior is available to us here and now, and is within our consciousness in this lifetime. For instance, if someone was starved in another lifetime and so carries "I'm starving and can never get enough food," in their pattern, regardless of the other lifetime, they still have in their energetic programming in this lifetime that says, "I'm starving and can never get enough food."  And that energetic "truth" still needs to be cleared from their program now, in the present.  Having said this, there are times when it would be truly useful to a client to know how a persistent experience or challenge in this lifetime is related to another lifetime; when this is the case, the relevant past life information will simply show up during the session to be cleared.  The underlying pattern can also be cleared from multiple lifetimes, at "over-soul" level.


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