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Cathy's 2019 Interview With CUTV News Radio


Listen to Cathy's 30 minute talk with Jim Masters about what happens in energetic healing sessions, how we each create our life experiences from an inner energetic blueprint of our own ideas, and how we can alter that blueprint for a better experience.  She explains how quantum physics beautifully describes why we each have infinite possibility to realize our best potentials; she talks about clairvoyance, how she came to do this work, and why she chose Matrix Energetics as modality....





Cathy's 2019 Interview With Business Talk Radio


Listen to this 8 minute interview in which Cathy talks about energy healing and multidimensional transformation; how our ideas of what is "true" form the enegetic template for what we will experience in our bodies and in our lives; and talks briefly about how the Seth books impacted her life...







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