I'm looking forward to my session, but I also feel a little nervous about the idea of “changing.”

That’s perfectly natural.  Any change, by definition, is a moving into the unknown, and that can be a scary proposition for our ego.  Our ego is the part of our consciousness that exists specifically to interact with physical reality - to assess conditions and circumstances, keep things organized and under control, and keep us out of danger.  It is the tool with which the Self expresses and realizes its potentials in the physical world. So the ego is a useful and necessary part of ourselves.  But one of its traits is that it holds on tightly to what it is familiar with, to what it holds to be “true,” so it can become fearful and resistant when its ideas are challenged.


Here are a few things that might help the ego part of you be more comfortable with the idea of change:


1) Remember that I don’t do anything “to” you.  A healthier, happier, more authentic

    pattern of consciousness is already yours, already exists in your field as incipient

    possibility, and you already desire it: I merely vibrate with and hold that pattern

    open so you can move right into it and realize the positive changes in your

    physical experience.


2) Be assured that you won’t accept any changes that you don't want, aren’t in your 

    best interest, or are more change than you’re ready for.

    Remember, I can't make you change or accept anything.  No one can, by the way.


3) There’s no chance of loosing your identity in a session, or coming out of it “with two

     heads.”  You will still be here and you will still be You, but you will most likely feel

     better and even more like the You you were truly meant to be, You'll feel more like,

     "Oh yeah, here I am, in my lane, the way I always knew I could be!" and have a

     clearer understanding of where you were out of synch with the true, best you.


4) It can help to remind your ego self that it -YOU - will not only still be here, but will be

    able to do an even better job of assessing situations, protecting you and helping you

    achieve your dreams, because you will have much clearer, more accurate and

    complete information to work with.


5) Ultimately, there must be intention, desire and a willingness on your part to change

    for the better - and this can take a leap of faith.  The good news is that our ego self

    quickly gains confidence in the process of letting go of what isn't working very well

    and changing to a different, better experience!




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