The Art & Science Of Manifestation

"I really enjoyed it.  My big takeaway was my words, but especially my self-talk and what I've been putting out there. The exercises were very helpful - I'm excited to implement it!"  - BW
"The whole workshop was a wonderful reminder of the power of our thoughts and emotions. . . .What stands out most at this moment is the electron floating around the nucleus and how our observattions (thoughts, suggestions, emotions) determine its position.  This coupled with Seth's concept of the EE units that then take shape through our "concentration . . . and understanding how they magnetize [propel] events, people, and experiences into my reality . . . Also being reminded that Framework 2 [a Seth term for the infinite, very real possibilities that exist in a simultaneous present] is always supportive and present."  - DB
Do you sometimes feel frustrated, discouraged and disempowered because you've tried and tried to manifest what you want, but gotten only mixed results at best?Or gotten no results at all?
Have you ever felt confused about how manifesting your desires really works?  (And perhaps even wondered if it really works?)
Have you sometimes felt overwhelmed by all the different theories and methods being taught in books and on the internet?
If any of this sounds familiar, then I encourage you to join me for my brand new workshop, where we'll address all of this, and more!
This 90-minute workshop will be both informational and experiential.  In it,
 you will:
- Learn how to intentionally attune your resonance to what you do want instead 
   of inadvertently aligning your resonance to what you don't want
- Discover how wanting something "too much" and trying too hard to manifest it
   can actually polarize it away from you
- Understand how we actually propel our desires, beliefs, intentions and
   expectations into physical reality, which we then perceive and experience
- Learn why we don't "attract" our experience so much as we resonate with it
- Understand how your unconscious, habitual style of self-talk may be sabotaging
   your manifestation efforts
- Discover why what you want has not manifested yet
- AND -
- Learn 3 powerful, proven manifestation techniques that bypass the limited
   abilities of the surface-level ego and make changes directly in the
  "subconscious" energetic source fields that are actually creating your reality
- Do three brief targeted meditations to practice these techniques and start
   attuning your energetic field to your new desired reality, for results - right away!


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The Art & Science Of Manifestation

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The Art & Science Of Manifestation
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90-Minute Workshop. Audio/video recording link will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.



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