What are “energy blockages?”

We all have an authentic, unique pattern of abilities, traits, interests, challenges and areas of potential.  Our vital psychic energy, or our Soul’s energy, naturally wants to flow through these areas and express out into our physical experience.  When we hold beliefs or attitudes that restrict this natural flow of energetic potential, struggle, depression, illness or disease can result.  Feelings, which will naturally flow, move and change if they are allowed to, can also create physical problems if they are denied or suppressed.


When we block our natural flow of creative energy in a certain area, we not only cut short the realization of our potentials in that area, but we use up so much energy suppressing our natural inclinations and feelings that we actually sap vital energy that would have flowed through other areas of potential as well.  In other words, when we block our flow in one area, it doesn’t just affect that one isolated area, but every other part of our lives as well.  This is part of the reason clients so often report improvements in areas that were not even addressed during their sessions: removing a blockage in one area increases the energy flow for the whole person, Also, flow always leads to more flow!


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