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As many of you know, I have been a lifelong student of Seth and have found his teachings to be so pure, so true and of such high quality, that I've never felt the need to go on the insatiable search for teachers that so many people do.  Seth's teachings, and my own relentless seeking and tracking of information directly from the inner, higher Source Self, have worked well for me, allowing me to understand, experience and teach truths that are often taught by world-famous gurus, or individuals who have had multiple near-death experiences and brought back the information they learned from conversations with the God consciousness while "dead."


In his material, Seth says specifically that there will be other Teachers -  I believe that the Guides channeled by psychic medium Paul Selig are some of the Teachers to come that Seth spoke of.  I am not a "student of the Guides," per se, but I have attended a couple of Mr. Selig's two-hour Sunday webinars, and have found the Guides' material in those webinars to be in exact alignment with Seth's teachings and with my own experience with the Higher Octave, or Upper Room, which are the terms the Guides use for the very high LOVE frequency or focus of consciousness that some call the Field of the Heart, or Cosmic Consciousness state.


In this state, the Guides tell us that we "reclaim" ourselves in a higher vibrational template.  We shift our level of "accord" from what we thought we were to what we truly are.  We see through new eyes and all things become new.


While the Guides teach what Seth teaches, sometimes using slighty different terminology, and while their teachings and the teachings of Seth will automatically lead us to that higher state of consciousness and vibration, the Guides go a step further and give the Attunement sequence that, when accepted, immediately activates our alignment with the highest vibration we can hold.


I love the Attunements because, even if we may not yet understand exactly what the "higher vibration" will look or feel like, we can still say, "Yes, I want to step onto the path of raising my vibration," - and it will happen, continually and organically, as we are ready.


I can tell you from personal experience that no matter how high your current vibrational template, these powerful and important Attunements will propel you to even higher levels of love, expansion and understanding.


And when we individually raise our vibration, we also raise the vibration of humankind, and in a very literal way, help to change our world for the better.


In this webinar I give an introduction to the Attunements, what they are and how they work, then give the actual Attunements, then explain them as The Guides do and share my own insights and experiences.




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One-hour Live Stream via Zoom

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There will be a Q & A after the explanations and Attunements

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"I feel fabulous.  Thank you so much!  I have not been feeing well and immediately feel a change in my energy!"


"I loved the energy! Thank you!"



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Attunement To Your Highest Vibration Webinar

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