You mention intention, and inner patterns of thought, belief, and expectation.  Are you saying I caused my illness or problem - that it’s my fault I’m sick?

Absolutely not.  It's important to understand that in any given moment, the body is a faithful and accurate expression of our mental, spiritual and psychological reality.  It's always telling us where we are and how we really feel about things.  When physical problems come up, it’s usually because feelings and/or the flow of energy through areas of authentic potential are being blocked or suppressed, so our illnesses are actually an opportunity to learn where we're getting in our own way!  When we reconfigure our energetic blueprints and clear away blockages, the physical expression, or symptom, can disappear.  For example, a woman who ignores her own need to be nurtured, or who forces herself to live a life that does not express her true nature and creativity, might develop a breast or uterine cancer.  If so, she hasn’t done anything wrong, she hasn’t consciously chosen to get cancer; her body is simply expressing her inner state of blocked, denied nurture and creativity.  If we go in and clear away the patterns of suppression and limitation, the cancer can then disappear, whether magically and immediately, or via surgery and treatment: How it happens in the physical will be in line with the client’s needs and beliefs, with what she will literally allow to be the final "cure."


Another example might be a person who denies himself the right to express or even feel anger.  The anger is there, and there may even be an unrecognized desire to strike out and punch someone in the face, but the client isn't acknowledging the feeling, much less allowing himself to speak his truth and say, "Hey, I'm really angry at you right now, and here's why, and here's what I need you to start "(or stop) doing." He's not allowing himself a healthy, nonviolent, self-honoring expression of his true feelings.  So, the anger may show up as a very stiff, sore shoulder - literally, pent up anger that is unable to strike out.  Again, if we clear the energy blockages so that the feelings are allowed to move and change, the shoulder problems will usually simply disappear.*


*Please bear in mind that these are simplistic, hypothetical examples meant only

 to give you an idea of how inner attitudes play out in the body; I am not saying that

 everyone who suppresses creativity or feelings will get cancer.  There are many

 factors and combinations of feelings, intentions, and attitudes about ourselves

 and our world that affect our physical states of health and the outcome in any

 individual situation.  And it is helpful to remember that, as Melissa Joy, Dr. Bartlett’s

 co-teacher and president of Matrix Energetics® International, has said, “There is a

 gift in every experience.”  I believe that every illness and every struggle is an

 opportunity to become more aware of our deepest beliefs, expectations and

 intentions, so we can more fully live up to our authentic potentials.


 Also, every now and then an illness is brought on, not so much by the limiting beliefs,

 attitudes and blocked feelings from this lifetime, but is instead part of a life’s plan, or

 soul’s intention, as a way for the soul to gain experience and understanding that it

 simply couldn’t get any other way.  Even in these cases, it is still possible to improve

 symptoms and gain insight, understanding and healing.


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