Do you work with animals?

Absolutely.  I've done quite a few sessions on horses, cats and dogs, and seen immediate, obvious improvements.  As I said on the "Will It Work If I'm Not Sure I Believe In It" page, animals don’t have the entrenched sets of beliefs, expectations and agendas about what is possible that we humans do (physicist David Bohm compared these unchanging sets of ideas to the seemingly permanent vortices of water we sometimes see in a river: as long as the underlying pattern is unchanged, the vortex remains unchanged also).


Animals don’t carry attitudes such as: I don’t deserve to feel better.  It isn’t possible.  My mother had stomach problems and I inherited them, so there's nothing I can do.  My  disease will only get worse because the doctor told me so.  I have to have a migraine to give myself permission to have time to be alone and not do anything... So animals are naturally more open than we are to feeling better and to being in the best possible state at any given time.


Sessions with animals may be done in person or remotely.



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