In your sessions, how do you make changes happen and what are you seeing?

I use my inner sense to see, hear or feel the information I need to help you effect a positive change.  I use the words clairvoyant and intuitive rather than psychic in my descriptions because psychic can conjure up such inaccurate stereotypes.


The rule and intention for every session is that we’ll access the changes that are the highest and best for you - the ones that are most supportive of your health, happiness and potentials - and that we’ll do so as quicklly and effectively as possible.  So I trust and allow the needed information to show up in the best way possible in any given moment.


All of your experiences – the state of your body, your health, your relationships, your finances, life circumstances, situations and events are all the result, the projection, of your own inner patterns of conscious energy.  Your ideas, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, expectations and intentions all combine to form the Source Pattern (or program, blueprint or template) that shapes your life experience.


In these sessions, we don’t fight the surface-level results (your problems), I go directly into the energetic pattern that is the source of your problems and help you make the changes there that will immediately start changing your life for the better.


How am I doing this?


During our sessions I connect with you energetically, and clairvoyantly “observe” you in your best possible version, perceiving and editing out of your pattern the ideas, beliefs and “truths” that have been keeping you stuck, and going into resonance with the ideas, attitudes, feelings and experiences that are you, living your happiest, healthiest, best possible life.  Because we are energetically connected, when I vibrate with your best possible pattern, so can you!


How might your changes show up in one of my sessions?


Because I’m working directly with source information, I am not limited to the dictates of any one protocol or modality – I let the information that will most quickly change your life for the better will show up in the best way possible:


-Words, sentences, images of ideas, beliefs, attitudes to be included or removed


-Color frequencies


-Light “therapy” - Integrating different frequencies/types of Light into the pattern


-Inaudible Sound “therapy & tuning” (of whole body, specific organs, Whole Self)


-Chakra opening, clearing, correction & balancing


-Auric field – individual layers and/or outer “capsule”


-Healing frequencies and foundational field-states (also known as vibrations, 

 or waves), including but not limited to those used in Reiki and M-Joy Of Being,

 that work at the electro-magnetic/physical level and/or at a broad foundational level 

 that affects every part of your consciousness, including the physical part of you.


-“Time Travel” – reconfiguring your present pattern to include more helpful

  “past” or “future” elements


-Alternate possible selves, aspects of selves (parallel universes)


-Dimensions (going into resonance with the part of yourself that has already

 learned and grown, has already solved certain problems and challenges)

-Meridians – correction, activation/energizing, re-connection


-DNA reconfiguration, correction, reset; change of hereditary patterns; can be

 an access or trigger point to initiate changes at many other levels of the pattern


-Past Life Information – eliminating resonance with problematic feelings & beliefs

 carried over from other lifetimes; can be changed even at the Soul, “scalar” level


-Soul Retrieval – animal guides may appear to help me locate and re-integrate

 an aspect of you that has been denied or left behind, usually due to trauma


-Body scan - systems, structure, organs, cellular, chemical, hormonal correction


-Elements – the adding (or reducing) of the energetic signature/vibration of an



-Vortex and electron spin changes


-And more…


Remember, in these sessions we’re not “trying” to fix” or “work at”…

 we’re going right into a state in which

 YOU are a different, better version of yourself!



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