Transformational Sessions

The atmosphere in our sessions is compassionate, fun, relaxed, sacred, and down-to-earth.  Sessions are completely confidential and last about an hour (or 40 minutes, if you are an existing client and that's what we've scheduled).  If you can, allow yourself some time afterward in which to absorb and process your changes.


How to Prepare, What to Expect & How I Work

The only preparation you need for a session is to be in a quiet, private, comfortable environment, and free of distractions so you can be comletely immersed in your session and available to your changes.


During your session you may sit, stand, or lie down, whichever feels most comfortable. 


Our sessions are heart-centered and are guided by your higher self, with the intention that you will move into the best, most healthy, freeing and authentic pattern possible, so you never have to worry that you'll take on changes that you don't want or aren't ready for.  The changes are always yours and are always to your good.  My job is to help you move into them.


What Are We Really Doing In Our Sessions?

All of your experiences – the state of your body, your health, your relationships, your finances, life circumstances, situations and events are all the result, the projection, of your own inner patterns of conscious energy.  Your ideas, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, expectations and intentions all combine to form the Source Pattern (or program, or template) that forms the basis for your life experiences.


In these sessions, we don’t fight the surface-level results (your problems), I go directly into all levels of the energetic pattern behind your physical problems and make the changes there that will immediately start changing your life for the better.


How am I doing this?


During our sessions I connect with you energetically, and clairvoyantly “observe” you in your best possible version, editing out of your pattern the energetic elements that have been keeping you stuck, and going into resonance with the ideas, attitudes, feelings and experiences that are you, living your happiest, healthiest, best possible life.  Because we are energetically connected, when I go into vibrational alignment , or attunement, with your best possible pattern, so do you!



My "Tool Chest"


Because I’m working directly with source information, I am not limited to the dictates of any one protocol or modality – I employ elements from many modalities, which are ways to follow your energetic changes - and let the information that will most quickly change your life for the better show up in the best way possible:


-Words, sentences, images of ideas, beliefs, attitudes to be included or removed

  (all are energies you carry, or need to carry, in your field)


-Color frequencies


-Light “therapy” - Integrating different frequencies/types of Light into the pattern


-Inaudible Sound “therapy & tuning” (of whole body, specific organs, Whole Self)


-Chakra opening, clearing, correction & balancing


-Auric field – individual layers and/or outer “capsule,” and breaches, irregularities


-Healing frequencies and foundational field-states (also known as vibrations, 

 or waves), including but not limited to those used in Reiki and M-Joy Of Being,

 that work at the electro-magnetic/physical level and/or at a broad foundational level 

 that affect every  part of your consciousness, including the physical part of you.


-“Time Travel” – reconfiguring your present pattern to include more beneficial

  “past” or “future” elements


-Alternate possible selves, aspects of other selves within your multidiemnsional being

 (also known as parallel universes)


-Dimensions (going into resonance with the part of yourself that has already

 learned and grown, has already solved certain problems and challenges)


-Meridians – correction, activation/energizing, re-connection


-DNA reconfiguration, correction, recalibration; change of hereditary patterns; can be

 an access or trigger point to initiate changes at many other levels of the pattern


-Past Life Information – eliminating resonance with problematic feelings & beliefs

 carried over from other lifetimes; can be changed even at the Soul, “scalar” level


-Soul Retrieval – animal guides may appear to help me locate and re-integrate

 an aspect of you that has been denied or left behind, usually due to trauma


-Body scan - systems, structure, organs, cellular, chemical, hormonal correction


-Elements – the adding (or reducing) of the energetic signature/vibration of an



-Vortex and electron spin changes


-Reconfiguration in the dynamics of family and other relationships


-And more…


Remember, in these sessions we’re not “trying to fix” or “work at" being better…we're going right to the place in your multidimensional

energetic pattern where you already are a different, better version of yourself!


Your job is to actually show up for the new, better experience.



During and After Your Session

Clients’ experiences during sessions vary considerably.  You might feel energy moving through your body, feel tingles, or even feel me touch you when I haven't physically touched you at all.  You might feel a freshness or tickle if I clear a cloudy mass from your auric field.


Some clients experience watery eyes, or yawn, cough or sneeze at points during a session.  Sometimes their faces itch.  You might feel a sudden strong emotion, brief laughter or tears, or an involuntary movement in your body.  There may be a little bit of everything, or not much at all besides a peaceful, dreamy, yet alert feeling.


You may have a mild woozy feeling when your left brain can’t process fast enough to keep up with your new state.  Emotions, laughter and crying may happen - in part, I believe, because the chemicals in the body are actually reconfiguring to reflect your new emotional and psychological state.  Changes in inner patterns may be so powerful that you need to just sit for a few minutes and feel them happening.


At the end of sessions, clients often say they feel different, unusually light, or that everything looks different to them (of course it does - they are different!).  They usually say they feel more grounded and centered than when the session began, and they often tell me a symptom has improved or disappeared.  Many report feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful, or unusually happy.  Sometimes they feel they need a nap, especially if they haven’t been sleeping well, have been very ill or have just released a lot of limiting patterns.  More often, they feel energized, unusually clear, and positive. 


Changes are sometimes subtle, but more often astounding, and are usually permanent.  Because we’re working outside of the space-time structure, they can manifest immediately during your session, and/or roll out over the hours, days, weeks and months after your session. Often, one session is all that’s required to effect the complete change you want, especially if we're dealing with an isolated, new or relatively minor issue.


If your problem is severe, long-standing or chronic, then you're probably carrying long-standing, chronic patterns of thought and feeling that run deep and have been there for a very long time, so one session might not be enough to completely transform your pattern; Your changes may need to be brought in and assimilated in waves, over the course of two, three, or in rare cases, even four sessions.


I don’t decide how many sessions you'll need or at what intervals – your higher self will always indicate what will be best for you.  If you're struggling with a more entrenched problem or symptom, you might want to consider purchasing a discounted package of sessions.  (See Scheduling Sessions for details.)


In the hours, days, weeks and months after a session, most clients experience improvements in their physical conditions and life experience, as well as in their attitudes, ways of thinking, in how they feel about themselves, and how they relate with others at home and at work.  They typically tell me that they're no longer troubled by a physical condition that has been a problem for years, or that they've had an insight that has made a huge difference.  They report that their relationships, careers and finances have changed for the better, often in profound ways.


I've been practicing for over ten years now, and I'm always thrilled and humbled to see the amazing, miraculous changes clients create in their health, relationships and lives!


"Tuesday I was very, very thirsty and didn't go out of my way to be extra active, as I was really enjoying and getting used to being pain free!  I'd sit there giggling...pain free!  The look of relief on my husband's face is indescribable...I did summersaults with my son! Wednesday & Thursday I noticed a change in my metabolism, I'm hungry!  This is very new to me and I'm glad to know my body wants food...My cup runneth over..."  - BK






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