Do you do Soul Retrieval?

The short answer is: Yes, minus the ritual.


Soul Retrieval is the popular term for the process of achieving Wholeness by integrating parts of the Self that have been denied, suppressed, left ignored and neglected, or are still focused in a reality set that no longer applies, as is often the case with PTSD. The term is most often associated with Shamanic ritual and journeying.  While I am superficially familiar with some of the concepts and techniques involved in Shamanic ritual, I have not studied them and do not focus on them.


As I've said earlier, the information I need to help a client shift into wholeness and health will show up in the most useful, effective way possible in any given moment, and for me this can include the appearance of animal archetypes.  For example, I've had a wolf appear during a session to search out and bring back for integration a long-denied joyful, childlike aspect of a client; I've had an eagle appear to search out and bring back for acknowledgement and release a frightened, lonely 5-year-old aspect of a client that had literally been abandoned, "lost and crying" for years.


So "soul retrieval," per se, can certainly be part of a session, but so much more is accessed and changed during these sessions that the precepts of any one modality simply can't describe them.


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