For My Existing Clients Only - Three Great Offers To Help You Create Your Best 2024 


Now more than ever, it's important that we all release limiting, obsolete energetic fields, beliefs, and patterns of thought and emotion, and attune to the highest, best potential versions of ourselves, fulfilling our highest, best potentials and purposes for this lifetime.  A live-edit, custom-tailored session will give you the exact energetic shifts you need to change things - change everything - up.



Offer #1

Purchase a 1-hour transformational reading session,

regularly priced at $135.00, for just $105.

That's a $30.00 savings!


Offer #2

Purchase a 30-minute "mini-session,"

regularly priced at $70.00, for just $55.

That's an $15.00 savings!


Offer #3

Purchase the 2 together for $150.00

And save an additional $10.00!



- Sessions or package must be purchased on or before Saturday,

  February 3rd, 2024, and redeemed/completed on or before June 3rd, 2024.

-Both sessions in the package must be used by the same individual.

-You may purchase more than one session or package for yourself, as long

  as all the sessions you purchase are completed by June 3rd, 2024

-All clients will be required to read and agree to my updated 2023 Informed

 Consent Agreement before the start of session.

-This offer cannot be combined with any other package or offer.


Use the Cart buttons below to make your purchase(s), and then either use the purple button at the bottom of this page to get to my Scheduling Sessions page, with its "Schedule A Session With Cathy" form at the page bottom - or, text or e-mail me to schedule.   I look forward to spending time with you in your field of infinite possibility!




1 1-Hour Energetic Transformation & Healing Session Reading
105.00 USD

1 1-hour session to be completed on or before June 3rd, 2024.



1 30-Minute Mini-Session
55.00 USD

1 30-minute mini-session, to be completed on or before June 3rd, 2024.



One 1-Hour Session Plus A 30-Minute Mini-Session
150.00 USD

1 1-hour session plus 1 30-minute mini-session, both sessions to be used by the same individual on or before June 3rd, 2024.






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