What is the field of the heart?

The field of the heart is not the heart chakra, but a vibrational state of consciousness that is our portal to our source, the Divine Universal Consciousness.  When we are in the heart field, we step out of the constraints of physical space and time and into the 'space between the spaces,' where all of our possibilities exist and are available to us in the infinite Now.  This is the space in which our sessions take place.  It is a place of great warmth, openess, compassion, expansion, peace, well-being and infinite possiblity.  Read more detailed explanations of the field of the heart in my articles:                    

                                                  The Field of the Heart &

                                 The Field of the Heart: Quotes and Final Thoughts


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    "Living From The Heart: The Key To Peace, Freedom and Creative Empowerment"


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