Do you do energy healing on chakras?


Yes, chakra balance and repair often comes up during sessions.  Chakras are a wonderful way to perceive how (or whether) someone is receiving energy and information from their inner universal Source.  The different chakras tend to express attitudes in specific areas of the human experience, be it the ability to love and be loved, to feel safe in the physical system and be supported by it, etc.  Because I let the information that will be of most benefit to the client show up in the most useful, effective way in any given moment. I never go into a session with the specific intention of working on chakras,   But if chakra repair comes up as the best way to help a client shift into a better experience, then chakra patterns and the ways to correct them will show up during the sessions.


When this happens, and it often does, I'll feel urged to open chakras if they are closed, and correct their shape, size and direction if they are misshapen, or are rotating in a confused or even backward pattern, are enlarged or contricted, or skewed in an odd direction.  I may see certain words, ideas, symbols or even objects that need to be removed, or brought into, the energetic pattern of a certain chakra.  There is also an energetic field, or frequency, that specifically clears, opens and corrects chakra function; this and/or other energetic fields almost always accompany my chakra alignements.


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