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While many of my clients come to me on an as-needed basis for help changing circumstances and outcomes regarding their health, relationships, finances, and life situations, or just because they enjoy having a session several times a year, some clients and students want a more focused, consistent and purposeful program of expansion and learning.


These may be clients who are not necessarily clairvoyantly gifted, but who are ready to be more aware, proactive and empowered as they make choices and create their life experiences.  They may want to gain the tools and understanding to change their own experiences and patterns for the better - to be able to give self-care.


Sometimes clients need mentoring through a particularly challenging time of life change.


Often, the clients and students who approach me for mentoring are very gifted intuitively, and want help, guidance and one-on-one tutoring in ways to expand their abilities, ways to identify, organize and use the information that comes to them, and in general to gain a solid foundational understanding of the principles at work beneath all modalities of transformation and healing.


Some may be just starting to realize their abilities and only starting to move toward becoming a practitioner; or they may already be a practitioner seeking to expand their abilities, understandings, and use of their modality.  Some may not intend to practice on others at all, but simply want all the understanding and skills to improve, enrich and proactivley participate in the creation of their own life experience.


Mentoring sessions are always live, real-time and custom-tailored to what each student needs at that exact time.  No two sessions are alike, and no two students are alike.


If you think you might be a candidate for mentoring, call me and we'll talk about what you think you're looking for, what I see myself being able to give you, and whether a mentoring plan with me is right for you.


Mentoring fees are $60-$85 per 40-minute session, and $75-125 per 1-hr session, depending on the frequency and regularity of the sessions.  Please call me to discuss and create a mentoring plan that is tailored to your needs. Otherwise, mentoring sessions will be charged at the regular session rates of $125.00 per hour, or $85.00 per 40-minute session.


"In the last several years, I have spent thousands of dollars on coaching and personal sessions with Cathy are what has allowed me to connect the dots and integrate what I have learned into my life in a truly authentic our sessions we have addressed more of the ideas and beliefs as to why I haven't moved forward with the things I have learned.  When it comes to what I have spent on virtual coaching, I would rather spend that on consistent sessions with you because its been what works for me... I feel the changes that are assimilating."  - BB


"Your guided meditation opened me up to a different tool, the 3D multidimensional body.  I have experienced journeying to other realms before, past and future, but this meditation opened me up to something even more expansive...I have already seen changes in myself, the way I [interact with others and the way] they interact with me, and a deeper relationshp with the magic all around us...[account here of a very specific clairvoyant episode with a massage client].  There are many aspects of my life I want to start leaning into more, and this is one I feel very called to.. I would love to learn from you and become more familiar with the energy matrix.


"Thank you again for holding space for all of us and I look forward to talking with you more."  - MZ





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