"I wake up now feeling excited instead of anxious and guilty... I'm so glad I found you."  

 "I struggled with chronic pelvic pain for 14 years from endometriosis and PCOS and it was progressively gettting worse.  I was in pain for the majority of my cycle and was looking for help! ... It has been just over 4 weeks since I've seen her and my pelvic pain has been nonexistent!!  Who knew that one hour with Cathy could be so life changing.  Not only have I been without pain (a huge, definite change), I have been experiencing slow but positive changes on my life path."  - BL


"Wow, how my life feels changed after my session wih you 11 days ago.  I walked in so full of thoughts/anxiety/fears and today I feel like a whole new person...You were able to accomplish something that doctors, couselors, the occasional medication, and myself have been trying to do my whole adult life.  It's unbelievable!..."  - KB


"The session with you was transformative for me.  At once I experienced relief in my neck area which has bothered me since it was injured...."  - LG


"Remember how you shifted my field to be open to others coming to me in business? A local company contacted me because they liked my stuff and told me about an opening at an art festival this weekend...I'd tried over and over again to get into this particular market, without success...I got accepted!  I'm so happy and grateful!  Thank you - you are amazing!!  I now have two festivals this weekend..."  - KP


"...Today I was contacted by one of my fiance's suppliers. He was a [product] distributor.  They want to send me his commission through June of last year... Holy S*@#! "   - FP  (this client ended up receiving $10K)



As multidimensional vibrational beings within the Universal Consciousness, we each have, in every moment of every day, infinite potential to realize love, creativity, vibrant health, and an authentic, deeply joyful and satisfying life. 


In our transformational sessions, I help you move out of vibrational alignment with the fear, self-doubt, negative expectation and limiting beliefs that can result in unhappiness, struggle, depression, pain or illness, and into resonance with the energetic patterns of flow, creativity, health, joy and well-being.


Our sessions together are a sort of multidimensional transformative play time: the atmosphere is relaxed, and full of love, laughter, compassion, and infinite magical possiblity.  In them I combine clairvoyant perception with guidance from your higher self, and apply a practical understanding of quantum physics to engage with you at every energetic level to help you complete your shift into your most authentic, healthy, happy self.  In our sessions I'll help you change limiting mental patterns of belief and attitude, clear patterns of blockage within your emotional body, reconfigure the holographic template of your physical body (including cellular level and DNA correction), correct chakra patterns, clear inherited psycho-emotional energetic patterns, and address spiritual, or soul level, patterns that may need to be released or progressed.  


Because we are making live, real-time changes in the energetic source pattern, or template, that shapes every aspect of our lives - from the state of our bodies, finances and relationships, to the  circumstances and events of our lives - the sessions are effective for literally any and every type of condition or situation, including:


  - Disease, injury, illness, and chronic pain and conditions

  - Struggle in finances, relationships, or career

  - Self-destructive or compulsive  patterns; Addictions; OCD patterns

  - Weight loss; Self-Esteem; Sexual dysfunction

  - Troubled emotional conditions, such as anxiety, anger, depression & fear

  - Expanding creativity and opening up possibilities in relationships, career, & life-path

  - Creating success in specific businesses, projects, and goals

  - Enhancing the benefit of medications, treatments or therapies you're already 

    receiving (or, minimizing negative side effects)

  - Creating financial abundance

  - Creating more joy, health and well-being


Sessions are also very helpful even if you're not struggling with any particular problem,

but simply want to experience more freedom, creativity, joy, self-confidence and self-esteem; gain clarity about your authentic path; open up new possibilities; or expand your intuitive abilities.



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Watch the 20 minute opening segment of the
"What Is Your Body Telling You"

3-Part Webinar


"Universal Guidance does not come from some place outside of ourselves - it comes from within."

                                  - Cathy




MENTORING:  While many clients come to me on an as-needed basis for help changing specific symptoms or circumstances for the better, some clients want a more focused, consistent and purposeful program.  Learn more








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       "Energy is indeed at its basis, love."

                                                                  - Seth




        "Glowing Trees"




"It is possible to shift focus to another synchronized plane, and as we

 do it becomes our reality.  This is one of the great lessons of the

adepts [light workers/energy healers]."

                                                                 - Claude Swanson, Ph.D.,

                                                                        Life Force, The Scientific Basis





Specific results cannot be guaranteed, and I do not claim to treat, diagnose, prescribe, heal or cure, as by law only licensed medical practitioners are authorized to claim to do these things.  However, if you experience changes that feel miraculous to you, you are free to enjoy them and call them whatever you please.



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