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What Are Inner Senses?

Inner Senses are our natural ability to perceive information that does not come through the five physical senses.  They are our access to the guidance and needed information that the Self provides as it tries to help us navigate in our physical environment and realize our potentials.


We all have them.  If you doubt this, think about your own experiences: How many times have heard the phone ring and known who was calling before you answered it?  Or, have you ever thought of someone you hadn’t seen for ten years and then run into them or gotten a call from them the next day?  And haven’t many of us at some point had a feeling that something was wrong, and then learned that a loved one was sick or in trouble?  Or had a funny feeling that something bad was about to happen and then find that, indeed, something did happen?


These are common human experiences, and they all involve information that comes to us through inner channels, versus the five physical senses.  There is nothing spooky or sinister about these senses; they only seem unusual and mysterious because most of us have been taught that it is impossible, and even wrong, to be aware of any information other than that which comes through the physical senses.  And even though we're born with them, we quickly learn that in our culture, there is no benefit or reward for using them; indeed, we might even be ostracized or punished for using them, so we quickly start to ignore any information that comes through the inner senses, or intuition.


As multidimensional beings experiencing the physical world, we are given inner senses so we can perceive the information that will help us to live the healthiest, most fulfilling and authentic lives possible.  In its proper, intended role, our ego awareness is built to be aware of and assess conditions in our physical environment, but also to hold an ear open to information coming from within, so it can make fully informed decisions about what we need to do next.  If we believe we can't or shouldn't listen to that inner source of guidance and information, we effectively put blinders on to information that could have helped us.


Inner senses are real, mankind has used them since the dawn of time, many scientific experiements have been done that prove that they are a real attribute of human consciousness, and the US (and other) governments have used them to gain intelligence.  To learn more you might enjoy reading Joe McMoneagle's The Stargate Chronicles, which chronicles his experience as a Remote Viewer with the US Army's Project Stargate.  A good book to read for a nice account of the science proving telepathy and intuition is Entangled Minds by Dean Radin. 


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