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Conscious Co-Creation/Self-Transformation & Healing, Part 2: Field Play


In this new class offering, we’ll use the skills and understanding of key concepts we gained in “Conscious Co-Creation/Self-Transformation & Healing” to help us move into an even deeper awareness of our inner patterns, and a more direct, joyful involvement in the creation of our reality and experience.


We’ll workshop Field of the Heart guided meditations in which we’ll learn new ways to access and change the inner patterns of idea, belief and expectation that are resulting in our current, less satisfying experience.  We will learn why beliefs aren't just 2-D "things" that we hold in our brains, and explore in detail some concepts only touched upon in the 2-day class, including waves and Idea Fields (morphic, or vortex, fields), which are the building blocks of our physcial experience.  We’ll learn how to become aware of them, how to play with them, and how to use them, separately or in clusters, to effect powerful change in our lives.  We'll also look more deeply into healing modalities and why, ultimately, they are all "quantum healing," and we'll explore how we can not only change our presents and futures, but also our "pasts."  Take your knowledge and skills to a whole new level, and be ready to have some fun!!  Prerequisite: Conscious Co-Creation/Self-Transformation & Healing, Part 1



Conscious Co-Creation Part 2: Field Play Class Comments


[Did this class meet your expectations?] "Yes, as expected and more!  All of it is a reminder that it's OK to live your passion & purpose for yourself, and everything will work out in the best interest . . . I love all the different techniques . . ."     -SK


[The most impactful idea was] Let go of the "How" the process of how I will get to where I want to be . . . being so analytical about how things will manifest [has] ultimately [been holding] me back.  [I learned to] change things within myself when having unpeasant issues, and to bring those people or situations into the field of the heart and give them space to change.  You are the best.  Thanks again for helping me expand my consciousness and awareness.  I'm so stoked about what I'm learning.  Accessing the field of the heart is so much easier . . ."     -BB           


"[The most impactful idea was] the "I Love" exercise: it allowed a flow and you could feel the resonance in the physics. [The ideas/techniques that will change how I think and approach life situations were] The whole class. I like the "suspend the current to move into the new" exercise  . . . A 2-day class on this topic would be Epic."     -MM



"The idea that we create our reaities and can open up to accept all sorts of amazing possibilities . . . Ideas about connecting with the field of the heart and living from the heart field and how it can change our life situations for the better . . .Thanks.  It was awesome."       -GG



"[The most impactful idea was] that I can create my world through desire and intention to live a fulfilling life full of possibility & 'probability' . . . Thank you.  I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot . . ."    -GG




Please note that I do not teach Matrix Energetics® in these classes. I teach the universal laws and creative principles upon which all healing modalities, including Matrix Energetics®, are based, and give you practical, easy ways to use them to create space, peace, joy, fulfillment and creative empowerment for yourself (and others!)


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