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Conscious Co-Creation / Self-Transformation and Healing Seminar

"Thank you so much for doing the workshop.  I'm still learning from it."


"Right after your class I was able to see and choose other possible

options and completely changed two different situations..."


"I've bought a ot of programs from well-known gurus...

there was always something missing...then I came across Cathy and

found all the information I'd been searching for...

"I learned more from you than I ever learned from [a nationally known,

very popular and respected teacher/practitioner]." 


In this 2-day class I share tools and information that will help you create a richer, more joyful and fulfilling life experience for yourself (and others!), and empower you to become the facilitator of your own transformation and healing.  In it, we’ll laugh, talk about things that don't usually come up in everyday conversation, stretch our ideas of what is "true" and possible, and workshop awareness and self-transformation techniques. We'll also learn how to identify and release the mental and emotional patterns that are holding us back, and see how physics proves that it's OK and practical to believe in magic and miracles!  Whether you are a beginner, are "awakened" and seeking to accelerate your expansion and understanding, or are a healing practitioner seeking to increase your understanding and effectiveness within your own modality, this class will give you the information and platform you need to propel you to the next level. 


   -Learn to trust and live more joyfully and freely from the guidance of  

    your Inner Self


   -Be empowered to say "Yes" to your own unique, infinite potentials

    and open up to the unlimited vitality that supports them


   -Learn easy, practical methods to identify and clear the energy blockages that can

    show up in your life as pain, struggle, depression or illness


   -Workshop hands on techniques for changing your current situation and directly

    editing your pattern of thought, feeling, and subconscious beliefs, live, to change

    your "history going forward"!


   -Become familiar with the easy basics of quantum physics, and learn how to tap the

    infinite potential of the quantum field of probability to create a better, more joyful and  

    satisfying experience in your everyday life


   -Learn ways to "bypass" limiting patterns of thought and emotion and start  

    experiencing positive change immediately


   -Explore how we create our experience and reality through our unique lifetime  

    challenges and potentials with our intentions, beliefs, desires, understandings and



   -Discover why all healing modalities work within their own rule set, and why all healing

    is ultimately "quantum healing" (whether the practitioner knows it or not!) and

    workshop transformational techniques to use with any modality


   -Learn how to perform "forensics" on yourself: ways to analyze current and past

    situations to discover how you've been resonating with, and literally attracting,

    unsatisfying experiences


   -Learn how to clarify your purposes, intentions, desires so you can start living your

    dream life now!


You will never look at the world in the same way again!


"I loved this course, I learned a lot . . . I will definitely be attending

any more classes you offer!"


"I've started reading some Abraham Hicks - boy, Cathy, you really laid it all out!"

(this came from a student who had previously attended my Conscious Co-Creation

seminar, and then listened to some Abraham Hicks)


"...there was a bit of a wind...blowing uncomfortably cold on my face. I remembered your story [about my dislocated shoulder episode] and went into the field of the heart to try to get below the wind...But soon noticed that though the wind was still blowing against my long coat and my hat it, it was no longer hitting my face and that I was quite comfortable...it blew on my hands [when I held them in front of my face] but it did not blow on my face when I lowered them again. I tried to rationalize the experience away but fortunately did not succeed."


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Please note that I do not teach Matrix Energetics® in these classes. I teach the universal laws and creative principles upon which all healing modalities, including Matrix Energetics®, are based, and give you practical, easy ways to use them to create space, peace, joy, fulfillment and creative empowerment for yourself (and others!)



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