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Cathy Hazel Adams, LLC

Intuitive Quantum Transformation

and Energy Healing

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Greetings, and Welcome!  Learn About Matrix Energetics® Transformational Healing Sessions

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In these pages I'll give you a good idea of what I do and how I work, what goes on in Matrix Energetics® sessions, and how a session might be of help to you.


On the tabs above, you'll also find my bio, an overview of the classes I teach, and client and class feedback, so you can read about the positive changes experienced by clients and class attendees.  Blessings, CHA

Transformational Sessions

Matrix Energetics® is a transformational energy healing modality that synergistically combines clairvoyant perception with cutting edge quantum physics.  In heart-centered sessions, I work within your Area of Infinite Possibility and Potential, and apply well-known principles of quantum physics to help you release the fears, energy blockages, and limiting patterns of thought and emotion that can manifest in your life as illness, pain, depression and struggle.  As you move into coherent resonance with the most authentic, healthy parts of yourself, you immediately start to experience your true, best potentials for vibrant health, creativity, love, fulfillment and joy.


These multidimensional transformational sessions may include chakra balancing and correction; activation and integration of suppressed healthier, more authentic aspects of yourself ("soul retrieval"); identification of limiting or destructive beliefs and ideas, and replacement with more helpful, constructive inner "truths"; emotional reconfiguration of past events; DNA repair; past life information (if it is relevant and helpful to your positive transformation); Universal Healing Frequencies; and much more.


These amazing, magical, transformative sessions can literally give you a different, better experience of yourself, your health and your life.


Sessions are helpful for all types of conditions, including:


  - Disease, injury, illness, and chronic pain and conditions


  - Struggle in finances, relationships, or career


  - Destructive patterns such as compulsive overeating or overspending


  - Weight loss


  - Troubled emotional conditions, including anger, depression and anxiety


  - Expanding creativity and opening up possibilities


  - Facilitating success in businesses, projects, and goals


  - Maximizing the benefit of treatments or therapies you're already

    receiving (or, minimizing negative side effects)


Matrix Energetics® transformational sessions can also help you:


   - Identify and release the limiting, habitual beliefs, attitudes and

     emotions that can lead to physical illness and stop you from realizing

     your full potentials


   - Move into your authentic abilities, interests and potentials, and

     integrate the beliefs and attitudes that will best support them


   - Integrate your outer and inner identities, so you can start to live

     more freely and joyfully from the wisdom of your Inner Self


   - Clarify your needs, goals and true intentions


   - Enhance your self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of safety and



   - Expand your ideas of yourself and what is possible for you


Sessions are compassionate, fun, relaxed, sacred and down-to-earth. Clients usually report feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful, and often, happier and more positive at the end of their sessions. They also often say they feel much more clear-headed, centered and grounded than they were when the session began.  Sometimes they tell me that they feel "different," or " lighter," or that the room looks different to them.  (Of course it does - they are different!)


In the hours, days, weeks and months after their sessions, clients usually report very real and lasting improvements in their health, finances, relationships, and ways of thinking and feeling.


Please note that specific results cannot be guaranteed, and that I do not claim to treat, diagnose, prescribe, heal or cure, as by law only state-licensed medical practitioners are authorized to claim to do these things. Having said this, if you experience a change that feels miraculous to you, you are free to enjoy your new experience and call it whatever you like.


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Read a more detailed description of the sessions and how I work on the “About the Sessions” page.  To read what clients have said about the positive changes they've experienced, please visit the "Client Feedback" page. 


"Sunday evening at my son's 4H Club meeting, another mom, who I always see at these meetings, said, 'Oh, my Gosh!  You look like you've lost 25 pounds!'  Then later that evening when I saw my mother, she said, 'You look thinner for some reason.' And I said, 'That's because I am thinner.'  This was Sunday evening; my session [with you] was on Friday."


More Client Feedback


"Each person is a vital, conscious part of the universe. Each

person, simply by BEING, fits into the universe and into

the universal purpose in a way no one else can" - Seth


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"Energy is indeed at

its basis, love."

                      - Seth



 My office is located at

770 W. Collins Dr., Ste. 204

Casper, WY  82601

(in the orange brick & cedar shingle two-story just east

of Poplar)


 Hours Are By Appointment:  



Also specializing in distance sessions via phone or Skype.


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