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"I am awesome. I feel the best I have ever felt...

...Last Wednesday morning I had a shift to a wonderful sense of well-being

and happiness.  I have maintained ever since.  It is hard to explain but

almost bliss or joy.   Thanks for all your love & support."



In every moment of every day, we each have infinite potential to realize emotional and mental health, vitality, enthusiasm, a sense of well-being, and live an authentic, engaged, deeply joyful and satisfying life.  


In our transformational sessions, I help you restructure your energetic patterns so that you move out the patterns of fear, self-doubt, and negative thought and emotion that can manifest in your life as unhappiness, struggle or illness, and into a freeing, authentic pattern that will allow you to realize your true, best potentials for vibrant health, creativity, love, fulfillment and joy.


Our sessions together are a sort of multidimensional transformative play time: the atmosphere is relaxed, and full of love, laughter, compassion, and infinite magical possiblity.  In them I combine intuitive perception, and guidance from your higher self, with a practical understanding of the quantum physical and universal laws of creation that translate our inner patterns of idea into daily physical reality.  I engage with you at every energetic level to complete your shift into true authentic health, or Wholeness - so in our session I'll help you restructure mental patterns of belief and attitude, patterns of blockage within your emotional body, the holographic template of your physical body, and spiritual, or soul level, patterns that may need to be released or progressed.


In these heart-centered sessions we are aways reshaping your energetic patterns to be the healthiest, best, most freeing and expansive for you and your authentic potentials, so the sessions can be magically effective for literally every type of condition, including:


  - Disease, injury, illness, and chronic pain and conditions

  - Struggle in finances, relationships, or career

  - Self-destructive or addictive patterns

  - Weight loss

  - Troubled emotional conditions, such as anxiety, anger & depression

  - Expanding creativity and opening up possibilities in relationships, career, & life-path

  - Opening pathways to success for specific businesses, projects, and goals

  - Enhancing the benefit of medications, treatments or therapies you're already 

    receiving (or, minimizing negative side effects)


Sessions are equally beneficial if you're not struggling with any particular problem,

but simply want to experience more freedom, creativity, joy, self-confidence and self-esteem, gain clarity about your authentic path, or expand your intuitive abilities.

To learn more about the sessions and what to expect, visit: Transformational Sessions.           

    Say Yes to your best self, Yes to your best possible life!


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"We would be better off viewing people as

possibilities rather than fixed structures..."


                          - Nick Herbert, PH.D. in

                            experimental physics

                            Stanfornd University




Specific results cannot be guaranteed, and I do not claim to treat, diagnose, prescribe, heal or cure, as by law only licensed medical practitioners are authorized to claim to do these things.  However, if you experience changes that feel miraculous to you, you are free to enjoy them and call them whatever you please.



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